Q: How does CashbackClick differ from others?

A: Our goal is to make it simple for you to earn extra cash from your online shopping. Therefore, we go extra miles to create this free service for you to collect extra Cash Back from merchants.

1)    In most cases, you probably don’t have a coupon for a product you really like to purchase. But, you can earn extra Cash Back without a coupon via CashbackClick.com

2)    You can also earn Cash Back for your Entire Order. For instance, coupon usually applies to one specific product, and there are no discounts for remaining items. But, you’ll earn Cash Back/discounts for all qualified items through CashbackClick

3)    No more paper coupons to cut, no more rebate form to mail in.


Q: May I get Cash Back for all products in one order?

A: Yes, It is our goal to make it simple for you to get maximum Cash Back. Please pay attention to the Merchant’s restrictions if any. You should always start over from CashbackClick.com for a new order.


Q: Extra Cash Back, why?

A: As a registered CashbackClick user, you can enjoy extra Cash Back from participating merchants. The Cash Back is extra because you are awarded only when you use CashbackClick.com. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay regular price when you visit merchant website directly.

There is nothing to lose but extra Cash Back through CashbackClick.com. No catch, period!


Q: Is CashbackClick service free?

A: Yes, absolutely free.


Q: What is My Favorite and how to use it?

A: My Favorite is a list of your favorite stores. By clicking My Favorite on the menu bar, you can see all of your favorite stores if you’ve added any to My Favorite. It is designed to save your time to quickly find a store.

You may add a store to My Favorite by clicking on “Add to Favorite” whenever you see “Add to Favorite” button. On the other hand, you may edit/remove a store by clicking Edit Favorite on menu bar.


Q: What are Cash Back statuses and their definitions?

A: There are three statuses: Reported, Pending and Available

Reported: We are informed that you’ve made a qualified purchase and you may receive CashbackClick Cash Back after Pending period

Pending: During this period, your transaction may be reversed such as product return and etc.

Available: Your Cash back is ready for redemption.


Q: What is My Click History?

A: My Click History is a list of Stores you visited or deals you clicked. Click history serves a reminder whether you’ve made a purchase or not. Click history doesn’t automatically bring you CashbackClick Cash Back, only a qualified purchase does.